France, Tanzania continue forging new ties

FRANCE is set to attract more foreign students to the country as part of their goal of welcoming half a million foreign students by 2027.

The strategy to achieve this is based in particular on a simplified Visa policy and the introduction of differentiated registration fees for non-European students.

France is eager to open its doors and give the opportunity to African students to enjoy student mobility programs, especially those from the East African regions like Tanzania, revealed the Ambassador of France to Tanzania, Mr Frederic Clavier during the Alumni France-Tanzania reception recently at his residence in Dar es Salaam.

He stated that in that perspective, the President of France, Mr Emmanuel Macron wants to multiply online courses, partnerships between universities, and dual diploma that will allow every student across the world to have a diploma from a French university.

“The President wants to double the university partnerships we have with Africa, specifically Tanzania, where students will be able to complete their studies in France and return to their countries to develop their countries’ economy,” he affirmed.

He pointed out that France is also set to double the number of university courses taught in English. “By the end of 2019, more than 1000 courses will be fully taught in English.

Mostly at the Masters level and more than 200 higher education institutions in the fields of business, management, science engineering technology, environment and health to mention some.”

To reach this goal, he said the embassy in Tanzania opened three information points ‘study in France’ under the umbrella of Campus France, where two of them are in Dar es Salaam and one in Zanzibar, he commented.

“In order to strengthen the French-Tanzanian University’s cooperation, we have organized the first higher education fair at the Julius Nyerere International Convention Center (JNICC), scheduled for the 14th of December this year,” he announced.

The world is at the heart of revolution with globalization and has never counted so many students, especially those wishing to study abroad, he noted. “France wishes to welcome many students from Tanzania to further their career in France.”

He declared that a new impetus is needed to adapt the offer and allow each international student to benefit from intensive courses in French as a foreign language before leaving or at the beginning of their semesters.

“These French courses will help students in their daily life and will be an asset, especially for those focusing on international career paths,” he commented.

On the other hand, the Ambassador of the network Alumni in Tanzania, Mr Israel Monday said that studying in France gives one the opportunity to belong to the alumni network.

“The alumni website allows former Tanzanian students to stay in touch with the French embassy and its network of French and Tanzania companies.

We already have 100 alumni registered on the Tanzanian ‘francealumni’ website and are calling for many others to join,” he said.

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