Creating your own wings through childhood dreams

EVERY person as a child had something they dreamed of, something they wanted to be, and nothing could stop them, not fear or capability, a child would try it any way.

Children would look at the television and see men and women and get inspired, and to them, anything is possible.

Even though as adults you may accomplish a lot of things, but imagine how satisfying it will make you feel if you get to achieve your childhood dreams. And that's something we should not lose sight of.

The inspiration and the permission to dream is huge.

Ms Munirat Antoinette Lecky, just like any other child, had her own childhood dreams, which had to do with glamor, fame, and popularity, and she made sure she lived them as soon as the opportunities presented themselves.

Ms Lecky decided to join one of the most popular live shows in Nigeria, Big Brother Naija 2018, and became known as Anto, and after her eviction during the semifinals, she took advantage of the opportunity and never settled down, she went from modeling, hosting events, to acting and many more. “I have done a little bit of everything after Big Brother Naija.

All my childhood dreams, like wanting to be on TV, and I made sure l took advantage of all of that,” she stated. She did not only achieve her childhood dreams, but more than that, as she also ventured into entrepreneurship and launched her own hair care line.

“I was very interested in everything concerning hair ever since I was young.” The former BBNaija went from being the brand ambassador for ‘Taries Hair Builder’ to teaming up with Tara Adesemowo, CEO of Taries World who is a beauty enthusiast and together they launched their own hair care line ‘antoxtarieshairbuilder luxury haircare line’.

“At first I wanted to do the business alone, but then I thought it was too much, and I decided to team up with her as my partner.

I am glad I did so, as I have learnt a lot; it is not enough being a celebrity for people to want to buy your product, but you need to advertise just like everybody else.”

Born and raised in the US and went to Nigeria for the first time at the age of 20, Ms Lecky said that having healthy hair is what matters, be it relaxed or natural.

“I always say that my product is not only for natural hair but for healthy hair. If you love your hair relaxed or dreadlocked, it is fine, but my goal is to see to it that it is healthy.

If you are applying a relaxer, then use it well, and if you are going to have it natural, then it is not just going to be looking amazing, you actually have to take care of it,” she elaborated.

Ms Lecky received her education back in the United States. She owns two Master’s Degrees, one in Business Administration from North Carolina and one in Sports Business Management which she acquired between 2011 and 2013.

“Apart from all the glamor and TV presence, sports business is what I am passionate about. It is a male dominated career even in the US, and more so in Africa. My goal is to encourage women not to be scared, but take a leap of faith be it in sports, engineering, or a pilot.

Men are more in these positions, but it does not mean a woman cannot do the job,” she firmly states. She says that being famous does not exclude a person from being a normal human being, adding that, “I am just like anybody else, I am not all smiles, I also get upset. So when it comes to social media, there are some comments I can ignore and some I will definitely retaliate.”

“I am not going to lie and pretend to be the bigger person, there are times I disregard some harsh comments, and sometimes I will react and hit back. I came to this earth as a human first, and being a celebrity has just become who I am,” she commented in all honesty.

“I might feel bad that I felt i had to stoop so low. People should remember that celebrities are humans also, and we are under so much pressure of being this perfect role model and a good example to people who are following us.

And if that is so, then we need to be real.” Ms Lecky, who is also the ambassador of Tanzania Kili Africa Youth’s Connect Safari Summit together with Omololu Shomuyiwa, a former semifinalist of BBNiaja as well, visited the country recently and got to visit Zanzibar among other sites.

Speaking to the Woman Magazine recently, she said that the summit aims to encourage Africa to visit Tanzania tourism in a promotional initiative that aims at bringing together influential African youth to promote the country digitally.

She pointed out that youth are the future, and everyone is trying to engage them to build their platforms and grow their business, and it is great that this initiative has also tapped into youth.

“What I have come to understand from all my travels is that people love to connect and meet people in person and on social media,” she said as she applauded the initiative of using social media to drive tourism.

“We all know about Zanzibar and the lovely beaches there, and because I love the beach, I cannot wait to get there,” she said enthusiascaly. She further advised people who plan to visit the country to plan in advance.

“If people start saving early, such destinations are accessible.” Ms Lecky who is currently 29, has an impressive CV to flaunt, accompanied by a long biography. She’s the head of Basketball Operations in CBL, the leading company for sports and entertainment in Africa.

Everybody would say that this is a good job for a man, but she claims that this is the occupation of her dreams. While in America, Anto used to work for Paragon Marketing and American NBA (National Basketball Association).

She loves going to the beach, dancing and cooking, and she is a great testament that childhood dreams should not be ignored, because they can be achieved and will aspire one to dream even more.

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