Anesthetists’ shortage bite region, medics wooed to study it

SHORTAGE of anesthetists in some regions in the country is quite alarming and forcing the government to encourage those currently on health training institutions to study it, the parliament on Wednesday.

This was said by the Deputy Minister for Health, Community Development, Gender, the Elderly and Children, Dr Faustine Ndugulile while responding to a question asked by the Special Seats MP, William Mgaya (CCM).

DrNdugulile further said that: “The Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, the Elderly and Children in collaboration with the ministry of State in the President’s Office, Regional Administration and Local Government have secured 400 positions for health workers in different training institutes in the country to take the course.”

In the course, the legislator had argued that most Hospitals in NjombeRegion lackhealth workers with ability to carry out an aesthesia, and wondered when the government would post them there.

He asked: “For a long time Hospitals in Njombe Region do not have health workers specialized in this field, when would the government ever send them to the affected Hospitals?”

However, the Deputy Minister clarified that among those who study medicine, some are from Njombe Region and once they complete their studies, they would be posted to different hospitals in the region too.

He further stated that in the 2018/2019, NjombeRegion in its centres trained five Nurses from Ludewa District Council, two from Makete, and one each from Wanging’ombe, Njombe Town in one year course.

Dr Ndugulile noted that the Regional Hospital sent two doctors to further studies in master programme on an aesthesia in effort to strengthen provision of health services patients in critical conditions.

He told the parliament that in the 2019/20, the government plans to sponsor some 12 health workers for a year course to improve provision of the services at district levels.

A specialist anesthetist is a fully qualified medical doctor who holds a degree in medicine and spends at least two years working in a hospital.

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Author: KATARE MBASHIRU in Dodoma

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