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China supports Z’bar with over 33 billion for development projects

THE Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar has received 100 million Yuan from Chinese government as gratis aid to support major development projects in the Isles.

The sum which amounts to 33bn/- will bankroll development of staff housing for Abdallah Mzee Hospital in Pemba, rehabilitation of ZBC Radio and TV Stations.

Speaking during the signing of the agreement of gratis aid, Zanzibar Finance and Planning Minister Ambassador Mohamed Ramia Abdiwawa thanked China for continuously supporting Zanzibar in her efforts to improve the livelihood of her citizens.

“Zanzibar appreciates very much China’s uninterrupted support,” he said, adding that Zanzibar was inspired by China’s achievements and will continue to value a longstanding friendly relation with the Asian economic giant.

Ambassador Abdiwawa described the Chinese support as inclusive of several economic and social sectors.

“The economic support ranges from infrastructure development to industrial promotion while socially it includes health and education,” noted the finance minister.

According to the minister since the early 2000s, China had been providing around 40 million Chinese Yuan annually to Zanzibar government as gratis aid and increased the amount to 100 million yuan effective 2017.

“China Gratis Aid is the great support to sectors of economic and social wellbeing of the people of Zanzibar,” stated Ambassador Abdiwawa.

Among recent major projects financed through Gratis Aid include rehabilitation of Mao Tse Dong Stadium, Zanzibar Town street lights, Pangawe Secondary School, drilling of clean water wells for Bandamaji residents in the North Unguja, rehabilitation of ICU at Mnazi Mmoja Hospital, training of over 350 public and private sectors’ employees per year and rebuilding of Abdallah Mzee hospital.

On his side, Consul General of the People’s Republic of China in Zanzibar Xie Xiao Wu vowed to maintain the existing cordial relationship between the two countries for mutual benefits.

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Author: ABDALLAH MSUYA in Zanzibar

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