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Government keen on improving cross-border trade

THE government has expressed its keenness on improving cross-border business to warrant a hassle free trading environment.

The Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office Responsible for Investment, Ms Angellah Kairuki said yesterday World Bank assessment has ranked the country cross-border business position at 144 slots out of 190 positions globally.

“Our goal is to reach a best position [globally] by improving our country’s trading environments at borders,” she said.

The minister said that in Dar es Salaam during the breakfast meeting involved various local women traders and entrepreneurs from various regions countrywide.

The occasion was organised by the Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF) and targeted to discuss solution of various commercial challenges facing women traders across the country.

Ms Kairuki advised women to unite to find solution for their challenges and grab available economic opportunities in order to participate in improving the country’s economic developments especially in supporting the country to reach the target of industrial economy.

Earlier at the same occasion, a woman trader from Kigoma Region, Ms Doroth Takwe, requested the government to see how to issue specially identity cards to cross-border traders instead of temporary passport which expires shortly and costly.

“We thank the government for some improvements of commercial environments especially at borders’ areas, but the major challenge remained is the issue of passport.

“We are using temporary passport but expires within a day and the cost is 20,000/-and repeats frequently. We request the authority to help us with an alternative means,” she said.

TPSF’s Women Investors Representative Ms Fatma Kange said during the meeting that women should unite and come up with a platform for discussing issues especially economical since disunity weaken them.

“Women have a number of small associations that are not helpful. We need to unite and come up with strong association which could be our voice and solution for our challenges,” she advised.

The government’s goal is to improve the country’s commercial systems and environments that would support local traders and investors to enjoy and boost the country’s income through paying tax.

In recently days, the government has omitted some 54 unnecessary tax charges which were nuisance to traders.

The exercise is in progress to omit other unnecessary levies that backpedal doing business in the country.

The government efforts aimed at putting enabling ...


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