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Anti-drugs battle on track - minister

THE government has curbed the importation of illicit drugs into  the country by 95 per cent, parliament was told on Monday.

The Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office (Policy, Parliamentary Affairs,  Youth, Employment and the Disabled), Jenister Mhagama, said after succeeding to seal loopholes for drug traffickers, the government is currently focusing on treating those who had been affected.

According to the minister, the government had also established a major addiction treatment centre in Hega, Dodoma, for helping peddlers who are committed to quit drugs.

She added that the government had issued a directive to the managements of all referral hospitals countrywide to ensure that they have special windows for giving methadone to drug addicts.

“After treating them, we want the reformed persons to engage in economic activities so that they may not be lured to return to drug abuse…we have a programme in the Prime Minister’s Office which seeks to provide skills to various people, including those who have decided to quit drugs,’’ said Ms Mhagama.

The minister was responding to a supplementary question posed by Special Seats legislator Shary Raymond (CCM), who wanted to know what plans had been charted to help drug addicts and asked the  government to explain to what extend it had curbed drug trafficking.

In the main question, Special Seats MP Zainabu Katimba (CCM) had asked: “Is the government ready to explain to Tanzanians, especially the youth, what steps the government had taken so far to tame drug dealers?’’

Responding, Deputy Minister for Home Affairs Hamad Masauni said since the Fifth Phase Government assumed power, it had identified and arrested perpetrators who have been dragged to court while other cases were still under investigation.

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Author: KATARE MBASHIRU in Dodoma

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