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Minister limits teams to have five pros on pitch

THE Minister for Information, Arts, Culture and Sports Harrison Mwakyembe said beginning next season, a premiership club will be allowed to use only five international players in a single match.

Mwakyembe made the declaration over the weekend in Dar es Salaam during the fundraising event hosted by Young Africans which was also attended by the former president Jakaya Kikwete.

He said the move will highly help to promote hidden football talents installed in many Tanzanian youths insisting that when more professional players are used, they deprive domestic players from showcasing their potential.

“Let me emphasize here that even if a club will be able to sign 100 professional players from outside the country, only five of them will be allowed to feature in a single match and not otherwise.

This is the opportune time for us to protect and cherish our own talents,” Mwakyembe said. The minister added: “To be honest, we cannot have proficient national team if we fail to give our boys enough playing time.”

He said he will strictly enforce this procedure to ensure that it is being respected unless he is transferred to another ministry.

In a related development, Mwakyembe said the country can never have a good and entertaining league if fixtures are not properly arranged to give clubs enough time to prepare.

“Imagine, today a team is playing in Kagera and tomorrow, the same team should play in Mbeya and the other day, it should play another match in Mwanza.

This pattern increases club expenditures and brings fatigue to players,” the minister noted.

He added that from this view, he lately conducted a meeting with experts from FIFA on how the Tanzania Premier League Board (TPLB) can improve to make friendly league fixtures which gives equal preparation time to all teams.

“As a nation, we need to decide whether we want to continue playing football or stop and engage ourselves in other sport activities like cards,” he said.

He also revealed that a team which has got an investor will be demanded to bring only five experts from outside the nation and the rest of employees must be Tanzanians saying that is in respect with the country’s Employment Policy.

Mwakyembe then seized the platform to laud Yanga for fighting hard in the league race despite passing through many economic challenges throughout the competition.

“You managed to remain calm and used whatever small resources you had to continue peddling ahead.

You deserve to be congratulated,” he narrated.

However, the current system requires a club to sign 10 professional player who can be used simultaneously in a single match.

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