Unregistered simcards to cease work December–TCRA

The Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority (TCRA) is reminding the public that all sim-cards that would not have been registered by 31st December would automatically shut down.

Making the revelation in Dar es Salaam yesterday during a meeting with its Eastern Zone stakeholders from Dar es Salaam, Morogoro, Mtwara, Lindi and Coast Regions, TCRA Head of Eastern Zone, Engineer Lawi Odiero said that no more grace period would be allowed.

He further said: “Many people have not yet registered with National Identification Authority (NIDA) for their cards thinking there is still time, but I urge people to speed up efforts and acquire the IDs now and register their sim cards before the deadline elapses.”

The initiative was introduced to address major challenges that TCRA faces, including misuse of telecommunication services, which mostly come as a result of lack of awareness on the use and benefits from communication services.

Engineer Odiero further pointed out: “People have been misusing these telecommunication services in thefts, coning and harassing others and as well to bully and coerce some through the internet.”

“To tackle that TCRA is implementing solutions by providing public education and using various platforms to create awareness.”

The TCRA head noted further: “Once people are fully enlightened on how to use these telecommunication devices, they would not fall prey to cyber bullying and theft.”

He said that fingerprint registration is another way that would help them track the criminals, adding “A fingerprint is unique in every individual and with the national identity card; one would surely be caught if a crime is committed.”

Asserting that the communication technology is constantly on the change, challenges which arise every day with it are being incorporated by TCRA for the sake of the public.

Commenting, a representative from the NIDA, who preferred to remain anonymous said that any person aged 18 years and above and living legally in Tanzania should register with them and acquire the card.

“It is often perceived that to register with NIDA is an option like having any other ID, but this is provided by the law that every Tanzanian must have the National ID,” he explained.

He further elaborated that once a person registers with them, he/she would get a lot of benefits in terms of easy services from government institutions.

Meanwhile, Principle Human Resource, Quality Management Unit, Mr Boniface Latiya provided a detailed explanation concerning the client service chatter, which is a tool that helps TCRA and its stakeholders to conform to the agreements they have in providing and acquiring services.

“The charter aims at increasing awareness to the stakeholders and creating a satisfied customer by improving our services, and as it is a customer focus, he commented.”

The meeting was organised to discuss challenges the stakeholders face and should be addressed to improve services they offer and increase public awareness.

PRESIDENT Dr Ali Mohamed Shein yesterday presided ...


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