Dar hosts ‘youth Africa tourism initiative

Tanzania is hosting and managing ‘Kili Africa Youth’s Connect Safari Summit,’ an Africa initiative that aims to bring together 100 influential African youth to promote tourism digitally.

Organised by Hotspot Media Group and Travelstart, the meeting is being attended by influential African youths from different digital oriented business backgrounds across Africa such as bloggers, youth with online television, to come and network with Tanzania, climb Mt Kilimanjaro, visit Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti as the most unforgettable tourism destination in Africa.

Briefing the media in Dar es Salaam recently Hotspot Media Group, Director Jane Mhina pointed out: “These influential youth through their online platforms like Facebook, Instagram, blogs, YouTube channels, and online TV will be able to reach an even greater audience as they have plenty of followers.”

She said that in the spirit of ensuring the success of the summit, there are already two ambassadors to initiate it, who are Africa influential youth personalities from Nigeria named as Omololu Shomuyiwa and Antoinette Lecky from the Big Brother Africa Nigeria 2018 semi-finalists.

Ms Mhina further said: “Our main aim is to promote our attraction sites and join Africa, and we saw the youths as an opportunity where through their digital activities, they would do a lot of promotions better.”

However, the Director requested Tanzania tourism stakeholders to be part of this great Tanzania tourism destination and promotional summit by offering support towards successful execution of the actual events that is scheduled to take place in October this year.

On his side, Tanzania Tourist Board Director of Marketing, Mr Ernest Mwamwaja commended the efforts of the Hotspot Media Group and Travelstart in bringing such an initiative. “Such an initiative coincides with TTb goals.

As the aim of the Ministry is to reach 2 million tourists by 2020, as of last year we reached the count of 1.5 million tourists, and such efforts by stakeholders would surely enable the country to reach its goal.

“We were also touched by the method used, as TTb is now also putting emphasis on revolutionising promotion through digital transformation.

“Using youth influencers is also a great method being implemented as they have followers, which will introduce Tanzania to an even greater audience.

“We want to introduce ourselves more to the African continent, and we believe we still have the market,” he said as he urged stakeholders to join the initiative.

Mr Shomuyiwa who was honored to visit the country said that the initiative would promote Tanzanian tourist site, and at the end of the day, it would help put the whole of Africa on the map.

“We have to understand that Africa is the best continent and Tanzania is one of the best countries,” he said as he ensured that they would do all they can to market Tanzania.

“We will do this not only because of ourselves but by the end of the day Africa as our home. The younger generation might not necessary afford it, but it is something that the government can think about not only for tourism but education.

“Education should not necessarily be in the four walls of a class; where best students might be awarded trips to the famous sites in Tanzania.

We are to look at this opportunity in different angles, including tourism, education, and culture,” he suggested

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