Plans for police station in each ward underway

THE government has announced plans to construct police stations in every ward in the country in a bid to combat crime and enhance security.

The Deputy Minister for Home Affairs, Mr Hamad Massauni told the Parliament here yesterday that the move is due to increasing population in rural areas. He gave the announcement when responding to Mr Livingstone Lusinde (Mtera- CCM), saying the project will be implemented in phases.

Mr Massauni however said the projects will be implemented in phases depending on financial availability. “It is a process which will entail a lot of issues, as it involves human resources and financial matters as well” said the Deputy Minister.

Moreover, he said, the government is working on a plan for the improvement and upgrading of ward police stations for more efficiency and better service delivery.

He told Mr Lusinde to be patient, because when the time comes Mvumi Mission in Mtera constituency will be among the wards to benefit as the government is committed to serve the community and those in rural areas.

Mr Massauni said they are working on a possibility to get a vehicle to serve the people in areas bordering Mtera and Mafinga Urban constituencies.

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