Respect contractual terms, contractors in rural areas told

RURAL Energy Authority (REA) Board Chairman, Dr Michael Nyagoga, has stressed a need for contractors of all rural electrification projects to abide by the conditions and terms of their contracts.

Moreover, he called upon district and municipal councils to shun uncalled for restrictions on local manufacturing of equipment attached to REA projects, including revenue not provided for in contractors’ contracts.

He gave the directive after his meeting with contractors of all REA projects as well as manufacturers and suppliers of equipment to rural electrification projects countrywide. “It call on the contractors to abide by contractual obligations as per your agreements.

Let’s us play our part for the good of the nation,” noted Dr Nyagoga. “Secondly, we must build a culture of being trustworthy when assigned any duty by implementing it up to standard and within the timeframe.

We should shun diverging funds to unintended projects. If we work diligently, we will have effective implementation of our projects.”

Moreover, he urged councils not to impose unnecessary charges on meters and poles, which were not in contracts for doing so delayed the delivery of equipment to sites and delayed the implementation of projects.

“We want all concerned parties to ensure effective implementation of rural electrification projects. We must speak the same language, which is, timely implementation.

Therefore, any snag shouldn’t be entertained. Let us go by contractual obligations,” he insisted. Dr Nyagoga used the platform to assure members of the public that each one would be connected electricity in phases.

The REA board chairman said rural electrification projects were implemented in phases, so those who were yet to be reached should not be worried as their time would come.

During the meeting, REA issued a six-month ultimatum to all contractors implementing its projects in various parts of the country to complete them or else stern measures would be taken against them.

The ultimatum was issued by REA Acting Director General Amos Maganga, who said they would not hesitate to terminate contracts of contractors, who failed to deliver in accordance with contractual obligations by December this year.

He said the termination of the contracts would also be instituted together with the companies being required to pay all costs caused by delays in connecting power to the people.

Mr Maganga said this at a meeting, which involved members of the REA board of directors and contractors implementing REA III phase I projects and companies supplying equipment.

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter in Dodoma

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