Two picked to head Airtel, TTCL boards

ONLY two days after President John Magufuli received from India’s Bharti Airtel a total of 5.27bn/-, the Head of State has appointed Dr Omari Nundu (pictured) Chairman of the board of directors of Airtel Tanzania with effect from yesterday.

The appointment is an implementation of the agreement between Bharti Airtel and the government after negotiations over the ownership and running of the mobile phone company.

According to the agreement, the board chair of Airtel Tanzania is supposed to be appointed by the government. Similarly, the appointment of Airtel Tanzania Chief Technical Officer (CTO) is required to be made by the State, to which end Dr Prosper Mafole has been slotted.

Under the new arrangement, the government is entitled to appoint three board members out of seven to the Airtel Tanzania board of directors.

The two other members appointed to represent the government in the board are Mr John Sausi and Mr Lekinyi Mollel.

Meanwhile, President Magufuli has appointed Mr Mohammed Mtonga, the new chairman of the board of directors of Tanzania TTCL Corporation to fill the vacancy created in the wake of Dr Nundu’s appointment as Airtel Tanzania board chairman.

The positive development in Airtel Tanzania resulted from intensive negotiations between Bharti Airtel International and the government over the ownership of the mobile phone firm.

Following the agreement sealed in January 2019, the telecoms firm will be paying the government 1bn/- monthly for five years, bringing in a total of 60bn/- .

Under a new negotiated deal, Bharti Airtel International owns 51 per cent and the government 49 per cent of the Airtel Tanzania shares.

On Monday this week, the government received from India’s Bharti Airtel a total of 5.27bn/-, out of which 3bn/- is payment to the government under the revised deal on ownership of Airtel Tanzania.

The other 2.27bn/- was given to the government as the company’s contribution to the country development. Bharti Airtel International Chairman Sunil Mittal handed over the dummy cheque to the Minister for Finance and Planning, Dr Philip Mpango.

In 2017, President Magufuli said that State-run Tanzania Telecommunications Company Ltd (TTCL) owned the local subsidiary of Bharti Airtel outright but had been cheated out of shares.

Bharti Airtel had disputed the claim, saying it received all the required approvals from the State when it bought a 60 percent stake and had complied with all government rules.

However, the dispute has been amicably resolved between the two parties.

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter

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