Court orders Wema arrest for jumping bail

THE Kisutu Resident Magistrate’s Court in Dar es Salaam yesterday ordered the arrest of actress Wema Sepetu for jumping bail in her pornographic video trial.

Resident Magistrate Maira Kasonde issued the arrest warrant after considering an application presented in court by the prosecution when the trial came for hearing.

Wema, who is also the former Miss Tanzania, was required to attend the hearing session, but could not show up as required when the case was called on.

Prosecuting attorney Cylvia Mitantu moved the court to issue the arrest warrant following the nonappearance of the accused in court.

Her advocate Ruben Semwanza informed the court that his client had attended the court session, but fell sick suddenly and had to go back home for other necessary measures.

In his short ruling, however, the magistrate rejected the line of argument by the advocate, insisting that the accused should have reported her sickness to the court as required by the procedure.

The artiste was arraigned for the first time to face one count of publishing a pornographic video which is obscene on November 1, 2018.

She denied the charge and was granted bail on simple condition of securing one surety, who signed bond of 10m/-.

In the trial, the prosecution is alleging that accused person committed the offence on October 15, 2018 within the commercial City of Dar es Salaam. Wema is alleged to have published through her instagram account a pornographic video which is obscene.

Few days before her arraignment, the Film Classification Board banned Wema Sepetu indefinitely from taking part in any filmrelated activities after her intimate video went viral on social media.

It was alleged that the Actress shared the video of herself kissing her boyfriend while half naked-and it didn't impress the authorities.

The socialite got into trouble after introducing her new man with a photo of them in bed followed by a video of them kissing in public.

Later on Wema was reported to have tendered an apology for an inappropriate video she shared of herself and a man she referred to as her 'future husband'. Information available suggests that the Board has forgiven her.

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