China Daily honours TSN’s news delivery, awards certificate

THE Tanzania Standard (Newspapers) Limited (TSN), a wholly Government owned media house, has been hailed by reputable global newspapers including China Daily for its excellent news delivery and networking in the international arena.

In the recognition, the China Daily presented it with a certificate while it was hosting 19 journalists from 18 countries globally, in a special three week tour where they were to orient themselves with ‘economic revolution,’ and communities’ development in the country.

In the tour, Tanzania was the only country from Africa that presided over and represented by the TSN-Habari- LEO newspaper that publishes daily papers and East Africa edition on Tuesdays.

During the occasion, the HabariLEO East Africa Coordinator, Eric Anthony on behalf of his Media House was handed over the award by China Daily Business Department, Deputy Director, Ms Sarah Liu also on behalf of her Managing Director, Zhou Shuchun, saying that TSN was doing a great work on enlightening the public and cementing further relations between Tanzania and China.

The tour was sponsored by the China Daily in collaboration with the University of International Business and Economics (UIBE) that is widely considered to be the leading Chinese university in economics, finance, international business and foreign languages and publicises public researches.

It also partnered with Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) with strong research background on foreign languages and cultures. Handing over the award, Ms Liu said her Media House reached the decision after realising the impact of TSN in news spread, terming it one of the best companies in Africa in informing the public.

The Company publishes Daily News, Sunday News, HabariLeo and SpotiLeo as well as Online editions of these newspapers. “We are grateful with TSN presence in China.

We are also proud to work with you in your public news mostly through Daily News and HabariLeo that is why we are presenting you with this certificate.

Kindly pass our regards to TSN fraternity and Tanzanians in general,” she pointed out while in Beijing, China. China Daily is one of the global newspapers that publish over 900,000 copies in different parts of the world on daily basis.

The Media House also enjoys over 52 million readerships on daily basis with major focus on news and business in Asia, US, Europe and Africa continent.

Besides setting an office in zones, it also runs other outlet centres with 34 printing units in major towns of Brussels (Belgium), London (Britain), Paris (France) and New York in America.

“We do not only bank on publishing newspapers, but we also reach our million readers worldwide through our papers and different social media networks,” she added.

During the occasion, the journalists from different nations met Chinese experts in various fields of infrastructures like road constructions, bridges, ports, besides visiting Beijing.

They also toured Changsha in Hunan area and shared knowledge on how the country made economic revolutions to address poverty amongst its population.

In the schedule, they had time to tour Shanghai that is the economic hub of the country, where they saw modern and advanced technologies behind different infrastructure buildings.

In the city, they saw Shanghai Tower that is the second tallest skyscraper with 118 floors, connected with nuclear electricity generating source from Qinshan of China Eastern Aviation Company and manning over 720 flights and being renowned amongst 10 best flights for taking the second position after Air China.

Once back in Tanzania, Mr Anthony handed over the certificate to TSN Acting Managing Editor, Tuma Abdallah, who thanked China Daily for recognising their potentials and contributions in the growth and spread of news globally.

She said that her Media House expects to further collaborate with the China Daily because they (latter) have made great strides in communication realm while keeping pace with latest technologies.

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter in Beijing, China

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