Favourable business environment require transparent parties in play to be achieved

TRUTH, like iodine, helps when one is hurt and in this world there is nothing so kingly and royal as the truth that sets one free.

It is the same truth President John Magufuli has constantly reminded everyone by saying that ‘msema kweli ni mpenzi wa Mungu’, that may loosely translates as one who speaks truth is a darling of God.

It is the same truth that recently made the President to invite the traders from all parts of the country to be open and speak it, in order to find ways on how the government can improve the business environment for both parties, an economist would call win-win situation for all.

In many cases many authorities would only want to assign an ombudsman to meet such people, but the regime of President Magufuli is unique, because if the traders are finding a difficulty in doing business today, why postpone time for them, something a lawyer would say justice delayed is justice denied.

The President urging them to be transparent and feel free to share their views, was of the opinion that if they hide the truth (challenges they meet in business), automatically the government will not be able to collect enough revenue to finance public projects like the health sector, education and roads amongst some, the same traders would require to be addressed to run and market their wares.

The traders talked of chains of unnecessary bureaucracies and related red tapes, unfair taxation regime, police harassment and delays of their payments once they procure goods and service to the government, amongst others, which may prompt one to ask, why must a government official being paid by the same traders (read taxpayers) resort to bite the hand that feeds him/her ?

It is actually unprofessional and unethical for any public servant to behave in such away, because it scares traders and investors and in turn the behaviour back-pedals the development in the public.

However, as their woes are being addressed, the business community must also clean its own house and educate their brothers and sisters who cheat when it comes to paying taxes.

Like the two sides of a coin, both parties depend on one another for business to boom and the government to collect enough revenue and build roads for goods and services to reach their envisioned markets.

Both parties ought to know that trading blames day in and day out would not take them anywhere, feed their families, educate their children and pay security forces maintaining law and order in their midst.

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