People press for dams that are durable

MONDULI residents have called upon government authorities in Arusha Region to construct for them, dams with the capacity for filtering and storing water for a long time.

Speaking with leaders and experts from Monduli District Council, the few who spoke on behalf of their colleagues said they had been facing the challenge for a long time, especially during summer spells.

They spoke as leaders inspected a dam being built in Lepruko Ward by a nongovernmental organisation – Maasai Store.

One of the residents, Mr Kisyoki Mario, said that considerable manpower of wananchi had been invested in the construction of dams, but due to being of poor quality, they were damaged frequently.

He set the situation in sharper perspective by remarking further: “We walk for more than 17 kilometres in water-searching missions and one bucket is sold at 1,000/-.

Frankly speaking, we are under great stress, as the water challenge limits our ability to participate meaningfully in development activities.”

One of stakeholders who is committed to easing the people’s plight, Mr Kisyoki Lengoije, said dams could be constructed in every ward, but that awareness had to be raised amongst the people, to become committed participants, through monetary and labour contributions.

THE Local Authorities’ Accountants Committee (LAAC) has commended ...

Author: DEUS NGOWI in Monduli

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