154 CSOs boosted via 11.7 bn/- input

FOUNDATION For Civil Society (FCS) has disbursed 11.7bn/- to 15 4 Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) operating in Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar, which will be used in implementing several projects countrywide.

According to FCS Executive Director Francis Kiwanga, the projects to be implemented were expected to bring positive results to the communities as well as contribute to national development.

He was speaking in Dodoma during the official launching of practical training for 15 0 leaders and representatives of CSOs which qualified for the grant for 2019, prior to implementation of the projects.

The launch was graced by Deputy Minister in the President’s Office, Regional Administration and Local G overnment, Mwita Waitara.

According to Mr Kiwanga, before issuing the funding, over 1,000 applications were received from CSOs and that after a rigorous selection process, only 154 CSOs qualified for the grant.

“The projects which qualified for a subsidy are those centred on good governance, strengthening peace, conflict resolution, improvement of livelihoods as well as those aimed at boosting the country’s economy.

According to the FCS Executive Director, for over the past 17 years, subsidies granted to CSOs had made tremendous changes in the communities and that during that period, the foundation had reached all districts countrywide via over 5 ,5 00 CSOs.

Speaking during the launching of a week-long practical training for representatives of CSOs, Mr Waitara asked leaders of the CSOs to ensure that the funds were utilised effectively on the targeted projects.

He said the government, through the President’s Office, was identifying the role played by CSOs in the country in effecting national development, especially in rural areas.

“We identify your contribution in bringing new and simple technology in rural areas, fighting against outdated cultures and traditions especially in marginalised areas,’’ he said, adding that the government was similarly identifying the role of CSOs in pushing for good governance, as well as providing education and leadership training to local government authorities so that they can discharge their duties efficiently.

The deputy minister pledged that the government would continue offering any assistance to them, advising that they should not hesitate to call him any time in case they faced any challenges and stumbling blocks in the course of discharging their duties during the implementation of the projects in Local G overnment Authorities (LG As).

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter in Dodoma

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