District marks Environmental Day with total removal of plastic bags

TOTAL elimination of plastic bags featured as a top agenda during this year’s Environment Day commemorations held in Tarime District Council, recently.

In the event, North Mara G old Mine workers joined local communities living near the mine to collect garbage around especially at Nyamongo Town Centre .

During the occasion, they collected discarded plastic bags, which were abandoned after the ban became effective on 1st June, this year. However, early this year the National Uhuru Torch Race Leader Mkongea Ali, while launching the race at Nyamongo met the area’s Councillors participating at the same cleaning exercise at the area’s Sungusungu public health centre.

One of the Councillors, Mr Dotto Mungo, from Tarime District Council reached for a comment said: “Ban on plastic bags is a success story in Tarime, we have gone around and plastic bags are not being seen any more.

It is indeed something to be proud of.” In another development, he urged the area residents to continue embracing the new alternative bags, which are friendly to the environment.

On their side, the North Mara Gold Mine Environment and Health Department Acting Manager, Dr Nicholas Mboya said that they reached the decision to support the government initiatives aimed at conserving the environment, adding that ban of the plastic bags was necessary.

“We have an environmental policy and we will continue supporting conservation matters,” he added.

PRESIDENT Dr Ali Mohamed Shein yesterday presided ...

Author: MUGINI JACOB in Nyamongo

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