Let’s turn doing business woes into opportunities

On Friday President John Magufuli met businesspeople from across the country–five from each district of Mainland Tanzania.

It was an opportunity for the businesspeople to share with the President the challenges facing them so that together they may know the root causes and turn those challenges into opportunities.

The meeting was meant to identify the challenges and find ways of addressing them to improve the doing business environment in the country and facilitate the attainment of the industrial and middleincome economy by 2025.

What was shared by all speakers has helped the government to see where needs to be improved to attract more investors in various sectors of the economy and increase tax collection, which is important for improving government efficiency and social services.

The President was accompanied by Vice-President Samia Hassan Suluhu, Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa and other ministers and government officials from different government institutions, defence forces and security organs.

After listening to the businesspeople, the government promised to address the challenges facing them in the country and as the President put it “there is no government in the world that can succeed in serving its people better without support from the private sector.”

On the other hand, the businesspeople were reminded to pay tax on time as some of them evade tax or pay it very late, which ultimately affects implementation of development projects and the provision of social services in the country.

Tanzania has good arable land and many investment opportunities. It is up to those interested to take initiative and decide what they want to invest in and go to the relevant authorities for guidance so that they comply with laws and regulations regulating a particular type of investment.

If all that shared is taken on board and worked on properly, it will make a big difference in terms of investment, tax payment and tax collection and service delivery.

Let us utilise this opportunity by each playing his or her part to develop our country and take it where we want it to be. It is only in doing this, that we will make our country a better place to live in both for present and future generations.

Mwalimu Julius Nyerere was emphatic enough to say “no country can develop without collecting tax and the government that doesn’t collect tax is a corrupt government”.

For sure both the public and private sectors can enrich each other and by so doing develop the country.

So, let us turn the challenges raised by the business community into opportunities and improve whatever is needed in doing business and develop our country and nation.

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