Scientist explains red meat benefits

ALTHOUGH consumption of red meat has been for a long time been associated with an increased risk of contracting non-communicable diseases, latest findings show that it can prevent various diseases, when consumed moderately.

According to the findings, moderate intake of red meat like beef, lamb and goat meat is reach in a special fat acid known as conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) that can prevent cancer, diabetes and improve body immunity.

Meat scientist Daniel Mushi told the 'Sunday News' in Dar es Salaam yesterday that although red meat had been condemned for a long time due to its potential health risks, the recent findings showed evidence to the contrary.

Mr Mushi, who is also a lecturer at Sokoine University in Morogoro, said red meat contained essential nutrients crucial for human health, which could not be easily obtained from plants.

"Red meat contains high biological value protein and important micronutrients needed for good health throughout life," he noted.

He added that essential amino acids and fat acid could easily be obtained by consuming red meat rather than plants. "We encourage members of the public to consume red meat in moderation to benefit from CLA content," he said.

Mr Mushi further noted that people should consume the recommended amount of red meat and avoid eating to excess so that one could acquire its health benefits.

Mr Mushi, however, noted that people, who don't eat meat should use different plants and cereals as part of their diet in a recommended ratio so that they could obtain essential amino acids and fat acid.

He explained that according to study recommendations a person could consume at least 250gm of meat per week (equivalent to 50gm per day) to meet the required amount of protein from animal sources.

Mr Mushi said amino acid contained in red meat depended on the digestive system of an animal producing meat.

The amino acid is obtained from animals with four compartments of stomach (rumen, reticulum, omasum and abomasum—true stomach) known as ruminants and could not be obtained from any other animals.

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