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Dar favours communications unity

TANZANIA has implored Southern African Development Community (SADC) and East Africa Communication Organisation (EACO) to harmonise their communication operations to rapidly develop the regions.

Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) Board Chairman, Dr Jones Killimbe, opening a two-day TCRA hosted EACO-SADC preparatory meeting for the World Communication Radio (WRC-19) in Dar es Salaam yesterday, said preliminary common positions on WRC-19 will greatly benefit the two regional blocks and the African continent.

Dr Killimbe said harmonisation of operations to regulate and develop a vital and exponentially fast growing communication sector is of paramount importance to bring about sustainable development to the respective countries in the regions and subsequently upgrading people’s living standards.

The TCRA chairman elaborated that with great technological developments, information and communication technology sector has become one of the principal pillars of human development and prosperity.

“Talks have shifted to smart cities, artificial intelligence, big data and internet of things (ToT). Today, there is a pressing need for the world to be in constant communication and for everyone and everything on earth and in space to have the necessary infrastructure to communicate with the integrated system that humanity is designing for the future,” explained Dr Killimbe.

He said the SADC and EACO preparatory meeting for WRC-19 that will be held in Egypt in November 2019 provides the best platform as it comes at an opportune moment when there is growing demand for more spectrums as a result of multiplication of mobile traffic as well as development of new innovative services.

“Therefore, as you make your technical deliberations, keep in mind the need for spectrum as key enabler for smart cities, artificial intelligence, big data, internet of things, 5G networks, maritime, aeronautical and railways transportation, just to mention a few, which are linked to our safety as well,” he said.

Botswana representative and SADC Chair of the WRC- 19 process Thapleo Maruping and his Tanzanian counterpart Engineer Andrew Kisaka briefed the guest of honour on the realised milestones.

Eng Kisaka said both SADC and EACO regional blocks comprising of six and 14—totalling 20—member states have cherished common stand for years, dating way back in year 2007 under the influence of decisions by a continental organisation— the African Telecommunication Union (ATU).

He said the WRC-19 agenda items have been categorised in Six chapters—land mobile and fixed services; broadband application in the mobile services; satellite services; science services; aeronautical; maritime; and armature.

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter

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