Eid al Fitr meat demands push prices high in Dar

MEAT prices soared in Dar es Salaam yesterday despite increased supply at Vingunguti abattoir as Muslims in Tanzania began celebrating the two-day Eid al-Fitr festival, which marks the end of the fasting month of Ramadan.

According to ‘Daily News’ survey, the prices went up from 8,000/-to 10,000/-per kilogramme in many parts of the city, due to high demand experienced in the festival.

Vingunguti’s Abattoir Traders Association of Livestock and its Products Chairman, Joel Meshack said wholesale prices started to go up a day before Eid on Tuesday at Pugu Market as livestock keepers cashed on the celebration.

“The prices went up on Eid eve, despite the increase of number of animals slaughtered at the abattoir,” Mr Meshack told the ‘Daily News.’ Mr Meshack said the number of cow slaughtered almost doubled from 669 cattle a day before celebration to 1,146 on eve day. The number of goats and sheep slaughtered increased from 449 to 733 animals.

“Despite doubling the number of animal slaughtered the wholesale price also surged up dealy,” Mr Meshack said. The wholesale price, according to the chairman, rose to between 6,000/-and 7,000/-per kilogramme from 3,000/-and 4,500/-per kilogramme before Eid.

The Association Secretary General, Christian Kibiki said despite increasing number of animal slaughtered retail the business was on down side compared to last year based on demanded quantity.

“We slaughtered more animal last year than today. Last year we managed to sell meat before dawn, but today [yesterday] it is 10: 00 am there are lot of unsold meat,” Mr Kibiki said.

He said last year they slaughtered 400 more cows than yesterday. The wholesale prices also pushed up retail prices across Dar es Salaam city to between 6,000/- and 10,000/- from 3,000 and 4,500/-.

The lowest retail price, according to Mr Kibiki, was observed in Vingunguti and Tabata, Ilala and Buza, Temeke between 6,000/-and 8,000/-. Segerea, Ilala and Mbezi-Kimara, Ubungo price were between 8,000/-and 9,000/-while Mwenge, Bunju, and Mbezi Tankibovu price was around 10,000/-.

Meanwhile the survey conducted by the ‘Daily News’ at the separate areas of food’s market discovered that there is no great changes in price compared to normal days. The price of rice remained unchanged compared to previous days, depending to quality of rice.

The lowest price is 1,200/-for a kilogram and the highest price ranks at 2,200/-a kilogram at Tabata Market. However, the prices of meat are expected to return to its equilibrium level at the end of the week after Eid celebration

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