Isles face fish shortage in its tourism industry

ZANZIBAR requires at least 44,400 tonnes of fish for its tourism industry, a demand that is not presently being met, the House was informed here. “Our hotels need a lot of fish.

We need crab fish, sea cucumber, octopus and other delicious types of fish. But it is unfortunate that our stock do manage to meet the demand,” the Minister responsible for Fishing, Mr Mmanga Mjengo Mjawir said.

He informed the House that although fish catch increased from 35,057.2 tonnes in 2017 to 35, 441 tonnes last year, it is still less than the required stock to feed the growing number of tourists’ demands.

A total of 522,000 tourists were recorded last year.

The Minister said that in efforts to increase fish catch for tourists and local people’s consumption and for export his office has been encouraging the residents, particularly young people to get engaged in fish farming and deep sea fishing (areas rarely reached by fishermen.

PRIME Minister, Kassim Majaliwa will ...

Author: By DAILY NEWS Reporter

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