Give long lasting birthday gift to your loved ones

LITTLE Adam’s birthday falls on 30th of May every year.

One month before the birthday approaches, hectic preparations commence at his home.

Mom Sophia contemplates the probable menu in order to prepare various delicious food items on Adam’s birthday. Every evening on the dinner table discussions are held on the possible list of invitees.

Little Adam is under pressure from his parents to finalize the list of his close friends, whom he intends to invite on his birthday.

It is a joyful period for the whole family as lot of shopping takes place during this phase, including that of new dresses, and exciting gift items etc. However this time, little Adam is feeling a bit uncomfortable.

Unlike his earlier birthday’s, this time Dad Robert and Mom Sophia have not made any beforehand disclosure on the ‘Gift’ they intend to present to Adam on his birthday.

Many a times little Adam tried to draw the attention of his parents about the impending birthday gift; however he failed in extracting a credible answer as every time he found both his parents evasive on the subject.

Little Adam is not happy, because this time he cannot make large claims in front of his friends on the gift he is likely to get from his parents, as used to be the case earlier.

Last birthday his parents promised him a colourful videogame and he was excited on its receipt. Though it is a different matter that the said videogame could not last long due to some mishandling on the part of little Adam.

Every time Adam meets his friends, they inquire about the gift he is likely to get from his parents on his forthcoming birthday and Adam evades the reply. Finally the “D-day” arrived.

It is the morning of 30th May and Mama Sophia wakes him up early to get ready for the birthday celebration. Little Adam though excited but gets upset the moment he thinks about his birthday gift.

To keep his spirits up, he reassures himself that on all earlier occasions his parents had always bought him a nice gift and quite likely this time also the ritual will get repeated.

At 12 noon, the invitees start coming to the house with most carrying a nicely wrapped box possibly containing a surprise gift for little Adam.

Mom Sophia assisted by the house girl is busy in serving guests the delicious eatables, while Dad Robert is in deep conversation with the invitees.

Little Adam is playing with his friends in the backyard of the house but with a heavy heart as he is still not sure of the possible gift from his parents.

Suddenly at 1300 hours there is an attention call for all the invitees with a request to assemble in the main hall of the house. This call was made to witness Adam’s birthday cake-cutting ceremony.

The deliciously looking cake was placed right in the middle of the hall surrounded by many gift boxes as brought by most invitees. The moment Adam was about to cut the birthday cake, Dad Robert stopped him abruptly and requested everybody present to wait for a while. Every one including little Adam were not very pleased due to this sudden & unexpected stopover and wondered as to what possibly could have caused this unwanted interruption in the middle of celebration.

At this very moment, Dad Robert slowly pulled out a piece of paper from his pocket and announced that this is Adam’s birthday gift from his parents.

There was a pin drop silence all round and little Adam’s worst fear seems to have come true. He was bewildered as to how a simple piece of paper can get transformed into his birthday gift.

Sensing the delicacy of situation Dad Robert requested to defer the cake-cutting event for some time, as he intends to explain the nature of gift which is represented by that piece of paper. Everybody including little Adam were attentive to hear Dad Robert’s verdict.

Eagerly, everyone thought that now is the moment to crack the so called secret code of Adam’s birthday gift from his parents. Dad Robert proudly stood up and declared that this time around instead of buying some perishable gift for little Adam [as used to be the case on earlier occasions], the parents have decided to invest TZS. 100,000/- [an equal amount in lieu of a physical gift] into a specially designed savings instrument meant for children.

The confusion was growing as the announcement of Dad Robert’s was beyond anybody’s comprehension. Robert had to try hard by explaining that in our country various banks and financial institutions provide many attractive investment opportunities for our little ones under their various products [e.g. Junior Accounts] especially designed for Adam’s age group.

Robert continued to emphasize that any money invested into such instruments grow with the passage of time and finally translates into a sizeable amount by the time a child attains maturity.

To add a cherry on the cake, Robert further announced that henceforth on every forthcoming birthday of Adam, the parents have decided to double the investable amount on year after year.

By saying so what he meant that on Adam’s next birthday, an amount of TZS. 200,000/- would be added to the existing investment portfolio.

Similarly on the next to next year Adam’s birthday the investable amount will be scaled up to TZS. 400,000/- and so on. Dad Robert proudly stated that the time is not very far when Adam’s investments will command a value denominated in millions if not billions, and here not to forget the importance of regular investments and magic of compounding.

Robert concluded his long version by highlighting that this is the best gift they thought will last the longest, unlike a videogame which stopped working after a few days of Adam’s last birthday.

This made little Adam a proud birthday-boy and without waiting for any further direction, he immediately proceeded to cut the cake. The birthday celebration was at its peak, as everybody present was enjoying the moment.

By 3 pm the celebration got over and all invited guests left Adam’s house. Starting 4 pm onwards, all hell seemed to have broken as Robert’s phone started ringing frantically.

On the other side, the parents of most Adam’s friends who attended the birthday were calling Robert to inform that they too have also decided to give a similar gift to their little loved ones and that to without waiting for the arrival of their next birthday.

With the above, every child in the country should be asking their parents a simple question as to - when are they likely to get a gift, which will have a long-lasting effect on their future. Cheers!!!

Author: Jagjit Singh

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