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Mother delivers a baby dramatically

THE Kirando Health Center’s medical Officer-in-Charge, Dr Gideon Msaki, has expressed great surprise over how Joyce Kilinda (32), used a razor blade to rip her stomach open to deliver a baby girl alive.

Dr Msaki narrated: “Blood was gushing from the stomach the way water does from a pile. It was a unique incident that was a big surprise to me and my fellow medics . If we hadn’t taken immediate steps, she could have died.”

He told the ‘Daily News’ in a telephone interview that Ms Kilinda said she had conducted the ‘surgery’ without anyone’s assistance or presence.

The medic explained that when she was taken to the facility, she was in a critical condition but was nonetheless able to speak, narrating how she opened up her stomach and delivering the baby girl.

He narrated: “The woman in very severe agony as blood was gushing out of her wide- open stomach, the way water gushes from a pipe. I initially feared that we could not save her life.

We professionals medically call it case death or silent death.” The doctor explained that, he led a team of medical personnel in an operating team to stop the bleeding and then medically repaired her badly damaged stomach.

“Her intestine, placenta and uterus were out; after controlling the bleeding, we cut the umbilical cord, separated it from the placenta and then repaired the damaged parts and placed them in the right position in her stomach.

This is Joyce’s eighth child; five are alive while three are dead, he said.

The Rukwa Regional Medical Officer, Dr Boniface Kasululu, said that Ms Kilinda was unconscious when she was received at the Kirando health facility and was bleeding profusely

The mother and her baby were transferred from Kirando to Sumbawanga town, a distance of 160 kms last Friday.

Dr Kasululu explained that a team of doctors and nurses led by Dr Msaki carried out emergence surgery on the woman, lasting more than six hours.

She elaborated: “She was given four units of blood and fortunately, the facility has modern equipment for providing emergency surgery services.

It was thus possible for the team led by Msaki to save her life.” The ‘Daily News’ visited the patient and witnessed her being helped by a nurse on duty , Ms Veronica Wambura.

“ I’m recovering now ...... I love my baby girl very much “ said Ms Kilinda, speaking with difficulties .

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Author: PETI SIYAME in Sumbawanga

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