Gezaulole housing project ready for sale

WATUMISHI Housing Company (WHC) is expecting to enter into the market 329 house units at Gezaulole, Kigamboni, Dar es Salaam at the end of this month.

WHC has invested 21bn/- for the said units in a project dubbed Gezaulole and current its 99 per cent complete. They will go on sale in the next two weeks while fully occupation expected by end of this month.

The Company’s Managing Director, Dr Fred Msemwa, told the Deputy Minister of State, President’s Office, Public Services, Management and Good Governance, Marry Mwanjelwa that the project comprises of bungalows and apartments for public servants to purchase and occupy.

“Over 50 per cent of the 61 bungalows in Gezaulole project have been sold,” he told the deputy minister during the project tour over the weekend adding that the whole project will be ready in two weeks for customers to buy.

He noted, “The project is complete for 99 percent. The constructor is finalizing the installation of electricity infrastructures, the task that will be over in the coming two weeks.

A person is free to rent while purchasing the house through installment type of payments.” According to him, renting rates are set between 150, 000/- to 350,000/- for bungalows and between 150,000/- to 250,000/- for an apartment.

Purchasing rates are 48m/- for a bungalow and 48m/- for an apartment, VAT excluded. The rates differ according to number of bedrooms and accompanying facilities.

A bungalow has three bedrooms while an apartment has a single bed room. Both types have the accompanying facilities such as kitchen and bacons, among others, said Dr Msemwa.

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