Over 880 billion/- paid to pensioners

PUBLIC Service Social Security Fund (PSSSF) has paid more than 880bn/- to all pensioners by February this year from November 2018.

PSSSF Chief Manager, Public Relations, Ms Eunice Chiume told reporters here yesterday that additional payment of 119bn/- was made to compensate pensioners paid using the new payment formula until when the government decided to retain the old payment formula. In

December last year, President John Magufuli directed that the old payment formula used to calculate retirement benefits before the merger of social security funds be used until 2023.

She said the payment was made to over 10,000 pensioners with outstanding payment from the merged social security funds. Ms Chiume said the fund which was merged in August last year for the time being has cleared all pensioners’ payment claims.

However, she said, they have pending payments for 227 pensioners which will only be released once the employees have been cleared with their employers or public service ministry.

“These 227 are those whose payments were suspended by their employers as they have issues of fake academic credentials, criminal cases, disciplinary matters,” she said.

She said they managed to clear a number of complaints and urging those with issues to take them to the regional office located countrywide.

She said the fund with almost 763000 updates its data base calling upon members especially the pensioners show up each time they are asked to do so.

MULTIPLE taxations, countless regulatory authorities and lack of ...

Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter in Dodoma

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