DCB launches new deposit account

DCB Commercial Bank has launched a new deposit account dubbed ‘DCB Lamba kwanza’ to boost customers’ savings necessary for future benefits.

DCB Commercial Bank Chief Manager Commercial, Mr James Ngaluko said in Dar es Salaam yesterday that the new product will enable customers to save money from three months to two years with up to 14 percent interest rate of the amount per annum.

“The interest rate is payable at the beginning of every month to give customers opportunity to enjoy fruits of their savings,” he said clarifying at present the limit of the fixed deposit account is two years but if the customer and DCB agree, it is renewable.

He said the introduction of the new account aims at creating more opportunities to the customers to be able to save with benefits. The digital services are now taking its peak and have become a catalyst in increasing efficiency and reducing the running costs.

Services like DCB Digital Account, DCB Kibubu Digital Account enable customers to open an account and conduct all bank transactions using mobile phones, he elaborated.

“Because of this digital transformation and as people’s awareness increases we are now witnessing queues in our banks reducing as customers opt for self service through their mobile phones,” he acknowledged.

“It is time to let money work for you,” he commented as he invited the Tanzanians to open a DCB Lamba Kwanza account and start profiting from it.

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