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Hoima-Tanga oil pipeline to benefit over 200 villages

Hoima-Tanga oil pipeline to benefit over 200 villages

RESIDENTS from 226 villages in Tanzania are set to benefit from the Hoima- Tanga oil pipeline project that is jointly implemented by Tanzania and Uganda.

Speaking at Sojo village in Nzega District, Tabora region yesterday, Minister for Lands, Housing and Human Settlements, William Lukuvi (pictured), said all villages through which the oil pipeline will pass will have their lands subjected to Land Use Plan (LUP) project.

Villagers whose lands will be acquired for the project will receive compensations and those whose land will be subjected to the land use planning process, according to the government, will not incur any cost for the exercise.

“All 226 villages through which the East African Crude Oil Pipeline will pass will have their lands subjected to Land Use Plan to tap economic potentials to be brought about by the project,” Minister Lukuvi said.

Flanked by Deputy Minister for Energy, Subira Mgalu and Land, Natural Resources and Tourism Committee members, Mr Lukuvi said the funds for the project (LUP) have been allocated.

The minister cautioned villagers against developing pieces of land acquired for the project as aerial photographs have already been taken. He said the process of surveying land in all areas will be participatory.

National Land Use Planning Commission (NLUPC) Director- General, Dr Stephen Nindi, said land use planning process has begun in villages and townships where the crude oil pipeline will pass through.

According to Dr Nindi, work has begun in 13 districts out 24 that will be involved in the land use planning process.

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