Kudos govt, citizens see positive effects of their taxes

AT the ongoing Bunge session in Dodoma recently, the Minister for Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children, Ummy Mwalimu told Members of Parliament (MPs) that as a result of the increasing number of patients of non-communicable diseases, kidney complications being one of them, the government had decided to procure 60 dialysis machines from Saudi Arabia, which will be installed in all regional referral hospitals for their ailments.

Oh! In explanation, dialysis in medicine should be known as the process of removing excess water, solutes and toxins from the blood in people, whose kidneys can no longer perform these functions naturally and this is referred to as renal replacement therapy.

Now, what comes in mind? It is the government for the people and by the people that is readily coming to address their problems with their own (taxpayers) money.

While responding to a supplementary question from Mr Venance Mwamoto (Kilolo-CCM) in Parliament, the minister further pointed out that: “The only challenge at present was shortage of experts to operate the machines and that the government was in talks with Saudi Arabia to see if local personnel could go for dialysis machine operation training.”

Expounding, Ms Mwalimu said the government received the machines in July last year, which were being fitted in the regional referral hospitals.

This should be an encouragement to students in Schools to further study Science subjects to end up as Doctors, Engineers and other Scientists the country is still in need of.

Days of mourning that jobs are scarce in the country is questionable from that angle, what is on the table is that we still have some fields, which have not been fully exploited.

As citizens of this country, we ought to know that it is our responsibility to pay taxes and the risk of evading it can do us a lot more harm than good.

With the tax paid from every remittance, we should be proud of how we’ve contributed to the budget of the government to purchase such kinds of machines and to the public services we may take for granted every single day.

As citizens, we should know that the taxes contribute to the economy at a national level and also benefit on a local level to our schools and ensure that education is free for everybody.

Even if one does not have any children, the taxes could play for a school that educates a doctor or nurse who saves the same person’s life in the future.

Taxes also pay for the maintenance and upkeep of our roads and bridges to ensure that we can get to wherever we need to, whenever we need to.

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