Modern golf course underway in Tanga

TANGA will soon have a modern golf course to be constructed at Boza, in Pangani District; it was unveiled yesterday in Dar es Salaam. The construction of the course comes in a support of the government move to promote sports and tourism through golf.

The CCM Chairman of Parents wing Edmond Mndolwa disclosed that in an exclusive interview with the ‘Daily News’ in Dar es Salaam over the weekend.

Mndolwa said that plan is underway to construct a state of the art golf course at Boza as a move to develop sports, boost tourism as well as regional economy.

He added that preparation is on a top gear for the course to be constructed in Tanga, a region with vast tourist attractions.

“We have already started discussion with the top authorities in Tanga at the regional and district levels regarding the matter and everything is going well so far.” He said that the idea is to ensure the course is ready before 2022.

Mndolwa added that Tanga is a strategic area that can be utilised to boost economy through sports infrastructure. Adding, he said they plan the course to be constructed by local experts as it is time to give them platform to show their skills.

“Tanga has a long golf history, it used to have the best golf course in East Africa during the colonial era before it was later demolished for other use of the land, we want to bring back all those good old memories, but with focus on business,” he said.

The colonial golf course also helped to rediscover talents like senior professional golfer Salim Mwanyenza who went on to become one of East African best pro.

Mndolwa added that ideal behind building the course is business wise, along they will build residential houses in the area as they know several economic activities will soon start to flow in Tanga that include Construction of Oil Pipeline Project from Hoima in Uganda to Chongoleani, Tanga, construction of Sadan Park Road and Tanga Harbour.

“I have this idea long ago since was CCM Tanga Region Parents wing, it was during EPZ project under Koreans companies, when they wanted to build it, but the project failed to take place forcing the Koreans to depart with the idea and nothing took place,” he said.

The course will also create employment for youths and boost tourism through tournaments and events and various charity works.

LIMITED fans will be allowed into the venues ...


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