Korean water drilling machine supplier sets foot into local market

BOOMING mineral, oil and gas extraction activities have attracted a South Korean drilling machine producer to open sales point in the country.

“In the next 12 months we will have started to offer training to Tanzanians to build their capacity in repairing our machines,” said Jiwoon Lucas HAN, the chief Director Financial and sales of Group TR Drilling Limited (TRD) in Dar es salaam yesterday.

Jiwoon said they project that 30,000 Tanzanians will access training and later secure jobs at his company in terms of sales, administration and service of the machines within one year period where business is set to grow more.

“Tanzania among fastest growing economies within Africa with exploration of oil and gas and its mineral sector has a promising growth rate which favours for drilling machine sales” he cited.

The company is looking ahead to opening the machine assembly point in the country which according to Jiwoon it was due to its geographical situations where it was easy to import parts and assemble machines to channeling its product to the five East African Community Member states and the 14 SADC member countries.

For the side of small scale minors, TRD companies says it comes in with the plan of entering contract with them so that they can purchase the drillers’ products and pay in an installment mode even though their products comes in at affordable price.

An hydrologist from the water resources department of Dar es salaam based Water Institute, Clarence Kisiki said that she was looking forward to benefiting to the new technology which is more affordable for drilling water to feed rural and remote population.

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