Many people ignorant of registration procedures - NIDA

THE majority of Tanzanians are ignorant of the importance of SIM card registration and having national identity cards, a National Identification Authority (NIDA) official, Mr James Malimo, has said.

He said NIDA officials had been facing challenges from some citizens, who turned up for registration without carrying requisite documents with them.

He said there had been complaints from members of the public about NIDA officials’ service delivery, but in the real sense they were caused by ignorance of registration procedures.

The official was speaking during a campaign to provide education to members of the public about the registration of SIM cards through biometric technology.

The training programme, which takes place at markets and in other populated areas, had been organised by the Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority (TCRA) in collaboration with Nida.

For his part, TCRA official Thadayo Ringo said through training, members of the public would be able to understand various issues related to communication and the need to register their SIM cards and other communication related matters.

He mentioned other stakeholders in the programme as the police, who for a long time had been receiving information on criminal offences.

However, the officials said those, who had already obtained their national ID number were capable of using their numbers to register their SIM cards.

The head of Cybercrime Unit at Morogoro Police Station, Mr David Kamugisha, said whoever lost his or her SIM card must first report to a police station and proceed with a recovery process.


THE government through the Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB) ...

Author: JOHN NDITI in Morogoro

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