Over 200 Catholics wed under church sponsorship

A total of 240 Roman Catholics have wedded after their parish church sponsored their marriage ceremony with the realisation that they were unable to afford it on their own.

Expressing gratitude to the parish church leadership, they, however, appealed to the government to assist them with some income generating projects to enable them to maintain themselves and their families and alleviate their poverty.

Raising their concern at Kitete Catholic Parish during a special holy mass, the newlyweds said most of their life challenges were a result of climate change, which had brought about environmental degradation and prolonged droughts, which were detrimental to their livelihoods, especially to women and children.

They hailed the Catholic Church parish, which also met costs of their marriage certificates on Family Day during which one of them, Mr Antony Simion from Kitete Village, Mbulumbulu Division, said their dependence on agriculture and livestock was not promising due to unreliable weather patterns.

“The situation gets tougher at times. Yet, there are so many things to do, despite our lack of income sources. What we do is to look for basic needs like meals, which force many of us to stay unmarried.

Where do you get money for buying food, clothes, paying for medical expenses, education and other things for the would-be wife and children?” queried Mr Simion.

When reached for comment, some village leaders appealed to the government to help them as the majority of them were very poor.

For his part, Kitete Parish Priest, Fr Sebastian Mwilinga, said the church had initiated a programme, which required them to visit all needy families and support them in education as well as counsel them to practise love in their daily lives.



THE government through the Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB) ...

Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter in Karatu

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