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Fanciful Terminal 3 of top airport ready

CONSTRUCTION of a new state-of-the-art Terminal III of the Julius Nyerere International Airport (JNIA) in Dar es Salaam has been completed and the contractor is set to hand it over to the Tanzania Airport Authority (TAA) by the end of this month.

Works, Transport and Communications Minister Engineer Isack Kamwelwe said the contractor would hand over the project on 29th May, two days before the scheduled date of 31st May. Eng Kamwelwe mentioned ongoing activities are as installation of security systems Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) systems and some minor works.

This goes in line with looking for service providers at the terminal, including shops, a team for facility management, financial service providers and others.

The expectation is that by next July or August, the TAA would have already obtained the required service providers.

“After obtaining the service providers, the terminal would be operating on trial basis for sometimes from 1st July and we will then announce a date for the launch,” the minister told journalists who visited the facility on Monday evening.

Earlier, TAA’s Director General Julius Ndyamukama said they were looking for 25 service providers for the new terminal.

The terminal has 37 counters for serving business and economy class passengers and the processing area is where seven counters for the immigration department are located.

Each counter of the Immigration counter has two windows which can serve two people at a time. A total of nine scanners for passengers and cargo have been fixed a few steps from the immigration counters.

The completion of terminal III will make the JNIA handle a total of 8 million passengers per year. The country started with JNIA Terminal 1 when it had the capacity to handle 500,000 passengers a year.

Then Terminal 2 boosted the handling capacity to 1.5 million passengers. Terminal 3 will raise the capacity to six million passengers a year, the minister revealed.

Over the period, Terminal 1 was confined to handling national leaders and small aircrafts, while Terminal 2 caters for both local and foreign passengers.

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