Airtel extends telecom services to Mulaba village

COMMUNICATION services in Mulaba Village, Sengerema District in Mwanza Region have been made possible, thanks to the newly built communication tower by Airtel Tanzania in partnership with the Universal Communication Services Access Fund (UCSAF).

The UCSAF Chief Operating Officer Engineer Albert Richard said that the government has been forefront in making sure that telecommunication companies extend their services to most parts of the country and especially in rural areas.

“The government through UCSAF commends Airtel for extending quality and affordable communication services especially to rural areas,” he said during the visit of the UCSAF board members in a newly built communication tower at Mulaba village in Sengerema District, whereby the board members have been satisfied by efforts being made by Airtel of extending communication services and especially to rural areas.

The government has been using a lot of efforts to make sure that most parts of our country and priority being rural areas are covered by communication services.

“I’m so happy that Airtel Tanzania has been very supportive and this communication tower we have visited here today is an example of that. I have learned that the communication serves the entire district of Sengerema and stay connected to Airtel network.

I’m very thankful and I take this time to congratulate Airtel Tanzania for that,” he said. Sending and receiving money through Airtel Money is now very possible.

In addition farmers will get the price of the produce through mobile, said Engineer Richard adding that the time farmers used to waste by visiting markets to look for a good price of their crops will now use for other economic activities.

Airtel Tanzania Manager for Lake Zone James Moilo said the construction of the tower we are visiting today here is one of the Airtel initiatives and plans of working with the government through UCSAF to provide communication services to Tanzanians and especially to areas where there are no business attractions.

“Our vision is continue expanding our network by launching more communication towers aimed at making sure we cover most parts of the country,” he said.

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter

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