More drinking water plants in offing

WATER Com Limited, one of drinking water producers, targets to set up one industry after every two years in a bid to support government’s industrialisation agenda and contribute to increasing number of employments.

Its industries employ over 370,000 people, including direct and indirect jobs.

The Company’s Sales and Marketing Manager Shiraz Batchu told journalists over the weekend that the aim of the company was to give more opportunities to Tanzanians, noting that the company is owned by the Tanzanians by 95 per cent.

He was speaking at an event to introduce new products of the company -Jembe Energy drink and Turbo Energy drink- which now makes a total of 10 types of soft drinks the company produces.

Currently the company, which started in 2012, produces at least 207,000 cartons of soft drinks per day, up from a capacity of 70,000 cartons.

A DELEGATION of investors from Kuwait company Alrifai ...


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