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Patriotism, Pan Africanism loom in Dar Quran recite

WITH about 18 countries sending Muslim children to Tanzania in the Holy Month of Ramadan to compete in memorising the Quran, the Muslim holy book, one thing becomes certain that the country is an Island of peace, that once encouraged is likely to spread wings and bring African member States to think and talk as a bloc.

This is a routine global contests held in many countries, where every year Muslims from more than 80 countries meet in the United Arab Emirates for the big competition, and it managed to bring the Arabs together.

It is hats off to Tanzanians in general that such occasion is normally graced by national leaders, who see the essence of showing patriotism first to dominate as they meet fellow citizens, and send a message to all that once the country comes first, peace and love will allow them to organise any event of their faiths, and like without any problem.

Presiding over, President John Magufuli yesterday in Dar es Salaam showed great love and above all respect for Allah who has given the faithful and other citizens life to meet again this year for the event.

In the Muslim world, Quran reciting is a revered event where Judges recite a verse from anywhere in the Holy Book and then contestants follow the verse and several after it from memory.

Reciters are judged not only for how well they have memorised the verses, but if they recite it in the right tone of voice and with proper pronunciation.

All the verses are recited in Arabic, even by contestants who come from countries where Arabic is not the main language.

This shows how the government is pro any religion that fights for peace and tranquility in the country, and will always give them the freedom they want to put God first their endevours, because once the young generation taught the word of Allah, chances of going against His rules will be minimised.

It was something to take heed in his speech (the President) when he said that whatever was being recited in the Quran (though in Arabic), was still instilling discipline in communities that people ought to respect God.

His call that not only the 18 countries ought to have met in the city for the contest, but if possible strive to encourage that for all nations in the African continent to mainstream Pan-African is enough to show Tanzanians that the peace they have should be maintained.

It was an occasion that several leaders presided over especially the Second Phase government President Ali Hassan Mwinyi and Fourth Phase Jakaya Kikwete, Chief Sheikh Aboubakar Zubeir amongst others, all showing that it is patriotism first for all sorts of development to be achieved in the country.

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