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Bribe not voters in coming local govt elections-TYC

AS the country prepares for coming local government elections later this year, and general polls next year, politicians have been urged to stop bribing voters as they seek nominations and to be elected in different political leadership posts.

Making the appeal recently here at a workshop organised by Tanzania Youth Coalition (TYC), non-government organisation in Korogwe District, a facilitator Twalibu Shafii further advised the participants mostly the youth and women to be also active in politics and vie for leadership posts.

He said the training organised on capacity building would expose them to eagerly vie for political leadership positions, and make them a threat to senior political leaders, who might think of bribing them, because they would be knowing their rights.

Mr Shafii said a leader who uses his/her money power should be disqualified, because he/she would misuse post to recover whatever money he/she spent during campaigns.

He further insisted that a good leader is the one who is elected on merit, good policies, and personality, not as a result of dishing out 2,000/- or 5,000/- to his sycophants and people.

DODOMA District CCM Political Committee members are satisfied ...

Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter in Korogwe

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