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GST, Korea site iron ore, gold in Ruvuma Region

AFRICA Mineral Geoscience Initiative (AMGI) survey conducted by the Geological Survey of Tanzania (GST) in collaboration with their Korean counterparts have unearthed presence of iron ore, copper, gold and metals in Ruvuma and Songwe Regions.

Receiving the report finding, the Ministry of Energy Permanent Secretary (PS), Prof Simon Msanjila and making it public over the weekend, thanked the Republic of Korea National Geographical Information Institute (NGII) for the collaborative initiative that stretched for three years, citing it as a successful joint pilot study.

He said the project’s output marks a professional kickoff for further research in other parts of the country as well. Prof Msanjila said the GST should now look for additional need to construct and have a detailed research to map the country geology to update its national database.

“We have not done enough in the mineral research and mapping, but we should do so, so that it makes it easy for us to know where mineral is located,” he pointed out.

He was optimistic that with such kind of research taking, it is possible that minerals like tanzanite and diamond, can be located in other places in the country as well.

“You should map the country and showcase occurrence of minerals in different parts, for I believe the country has a lot of mineral potential, which are yet to be explored,” he said.

The PS further said that there was a need for data exchange between the countries of Mozambique and Zambia and Tanzania, besides enhancing cooperation because they were also involved in the pilot project organised by AMGI.

He noted that the country will use the mineral data tabled especially on the existence of layered blocks underground, which are rich source of water to address water issues.

Earlier, acting GST Chief Executive Officer Yokbeth Myumbilwa, said the findings show lineaments on the rocks in the areas of Ruvuma, Tunduma and Songwe Region, which were included in the survey of the structurally controlled minerals.

Apart from the findings, she said they managed to update mineral data and geological reports of Ruvuma areas which are bordering Mozambique and Tunduma on the parts of Zambia border.

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Author: NELLY MTEMA in Dodoma

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