TFF vows to strictly enforce club licencing

THE Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) insisted that beginning next season, they will strictly enforce club licencing for all the teams, which will trade in the Mainland Premier League.

This was revealed by TFF President Wallace Karia recently in Dar es Salaam, insisting that the federation will not hesitate to demote teams which will lack the required club licencing standards.

“We have already started assessing club licencing of the teams but this exercise will be strictly enforced next season because we want to have quality teams with all the required standards to feature in the top flight league,” Karia said.

He added that come next season, teams which will fail to properly run themselves will be removed from the league without any replacement, thereby automatically reducing the number of teams playing in the league.

“Our aim is to see that clubs find their own sponsors for them to run effectively,” said Karia. Karia further disclosed that the Federation will ensure that all the competing teams in the league have active youth football teams.

“Having youth programmes is very important and is a big investment for the clubs since the young players when they mature could be sold leading to income generation to run the team’s activities,” the TFF boss noted.

Moreover, Karia elaborated that teams which will have good youth programmes will be rewarded by TFF as one way to motivate other clubs.

In a related development, Karia said they have been impressed with the way the unfolding season has been running despite poor refereeing allegations raised by members of the public.

“It is our responsibility to make sure that football is played through respect of fair play. Until now, we have collected records of all the referees ready to asses them next season.

Let me assure you that incompetent referees will not be allowed to take charge of league matches in the following season,” he said.

Karia added: “We will create divisions so that referees who will show good skills will be promoted, while those who will fail to impress will not be permitted to be in control of the league games.

We will be strict on this.” Commenting on the teams, Karia said the level of competition amongst them has been great, as depicted by the gap of points, especially of the team below the top three.

LIMITED fans will be allowed into the venues ...


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