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Act on irregularities in natural resources, media told

TANZANIA Natural Resources Forum (TNRF), has extolled the government for acting immediately on problems that endanger the country’s natural resources reserve. “The government has been very attentive to public concerns.

The government has been immediately reacting to issues that have been exposed in the national resources,” remarked Mr Zakaria Faustin, Executive Director of TNRF. Mr Faustin noted that there are many issues that the government worked on soon after they were exposed by some members of the public and the media.

One of the clear examples is President John Magufuli’s tours in the regions, where he welcomes individuals to tell their concerns and he takes action on the spot. Most of the problems that normally emerge during the president’s tours concern land ownership.

Mr Faustin appealed to the media to ensure that they properly use their pens to unearth issues surrounding the country’s natural resources so that the authorities can act. He was speaking during a media workshop held in Dar es Salaam to build capacity among journalists on Land Based Investment (LBI) and natural resource reporting.

During the workshop, journalists from various media houses were taken through basics of land laws and investigative journalism in natural resources sector. “If governance on natural resources is effective, the resources would be sustainable,” Mr Faustin stated. He said there should be friendly policies and laws that will enable citizens benefit from the country’s natural resources.

A senior journalist and trainer, Mr Deodatus Mfugale, said journalists should embrace investigative journalism to unearth issues surrounding the natural resource sector.

“A good journalist has to sense issues and find detailed information for writing a story that answers all questions on the matter,” he counseled. Ms Sophia Masuka, Communications Specialist with the TNRF, commented that the media is important because of its role in communicating information to the public and policy makers.

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