Zanzibar demands for fair share in foreign visits

TANZANIA received 21 high-raking government leaders between the year 2015 and April this year, out of whom nine of them also visited Zanzibar during their state visits, Deputy Minister of Education, Science and Technology, William Ole Nasha told the National Assembly.

 According to the deputy minister, some of the visiting foreign leaders did not make it to Zanzibar due to a number of reasons, including tight schedules and priorities and objectives of their visits.

Mr Ole Nasha was responding to a basic question by Chumbuni MP, Mr Ussi Salum Pondeza (CCM), on behalf of the Minister for Foreign Affairs and East African Cooperation. The MP had expressed concern that many foreign leaders who visit Tanzania hardly make it to Zanzibar.

“The government of Tanzania has been influencing the foreign dignitaries to visit Zanzibar also to engage its leaders and explore business and investment opportunities in the island. Some of them have been heeding to the advice while others do not due to various reasons,” he explained.

The Deputy Minister noted also that the government of Tanzania encourages the foreign leaders to visit Zanzibar to enjoy attractions in the tourism sector.

He explained that between 2015 and this year, Tanzania received leaders from South Africa, Burundi, Chad, Cuba, Ethiopia, India, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) as well as South Korea and Mozambique.

The list also includes leaders from Morocco, Mauritius, Egypt, Malawi, Rwanda, Turkey, Uganda, Vietnam, South Sudan and Sri Lanka in addition to Switzerland, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter in Dodoma

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