Closed Coca Cola Company to reopen soon

THE deputy Minister for Trade and Industries, Mr Hassan KhamisHafidh, has said that the Coca Cola Company which closed down two decades ago is expected to reopen and resume production soon.

 Mr Hafidh informed legislators that discussions were underway with owners of the company, including finding solutions to challenges that led to the closing down of the soft drinks company here.

"We want the company back in operation because it provides employment," Mr Hafidh said while responding to questions from backbenchers in the House, who wanted to know why the company remains closed despite slow pace in growth of industries.

Mr Machano Othman Said (Mfenesini), attributed the slow pace in industry growth in Zanzibar to bureaucracy, because according to the Union Constitution, licensing of big/serious industries is done by the Union government.

"It is true that Zanzibar has limitation in licensing industries. This matter falls under challenges (Kerozamuungano) in our union, therefore our Attorney General (AG) and his counterpart in the mainland are in deep discussion over the industry licensing," Deputy Minister said.

Author: ABDALLAH MSUYA in Zanzibar

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