LHRC: Sexual violence against children on rise

INCIDENTS of sexual violence against children are on the increase in the country, and in turn deny them their basic rights, Legal and Human Rights Centre (LHRC) new report has revealed.

LHRC’s media survey further revealed that 91 per cent of the reported violence against children’s incidents were of sexual violence, while nine per cent were physical and psychological violence.

Sexual violence against children, are particularly in form of rape and sodomy, cited in the major human rights concerns in 2018.

The report revealed that reported child rape incidents have increased from 759 in the first six months in 2017 to 2,365 from January to June 2018.

Presenting the findings, LHRC Researcher, Mr Fundikira Wazambi said sexual violence was mentioned as one of the major violations of children’s rights in all 20 Districts of 10 Regions that LHRC visited in 2018.

“We have found that perpetrators of sexual violence were identified as neighbours, close relatives, motorcycle riders famously known as Bodaboda and teachers being implicated in several acts of sexual violence against children in 2018,” he said.

The report also highlighted key issues affecting the elderly persons in Tanzania mainland, adding that violence experienced by the elderly included physical violence in the form of witchcraft-related killings. Mr Wazambi said that unlike other vulnerable groups, there is no specific law for the elderly.

However, like other human beings, the elderly have human rights provided for in various domestic, regional and international legal laws.

The report, dubbed “Tanzania Human Rights Report 2013,” documents human rights in the country with special focus on various issues and events that contravene them.

The report recommends that regional and district authorities work closely with the police force to address the problem of violence against children and women in their respective areas.

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