Use techniques which align with climate change, farmers tipped

FARMERS in the country have been advised to use agro conservation technologies to increase their yields for they address Climate Change related problems.

The appeal was made yesterday by Agro Conservation Organisation Country Manager Hamisi Dulla, while speaking to the ‘Daily News’ in Mbeya City.

The organisation that is under Tanzania Conservation Farming Unit (CFU), Dulla said has techniques, which would help farmers to conserve moisture in the soil, adding that the peasants should use them to save costs and spend less time than resorting to farming practices which only guarantee them small yields.

He said that in an acre, a farmer has the possibility of harvesting 15 to 20 bags in comparison to the practice, where he/she gets only two to three bags in one acre.

“The challenge is that most of the farmers consider agro conservation agriculture as a new thing. Tanzania farmers do not understand its importance that it would guarantee them good production and income,” he pointed out.

Mr Dulla further said that there is also no policy in Tanzania that promotes conservation farming; hence it is difficult for nongovernmental organisations to share something that is not in the rule.

A farmer Twaha Massawe from Matala village- Moshi District in Kilimanjaro Region said the technology has been good to them, because it does not require a lot of energy, adding that if the rainfall is enough, farmers only need to adhere to the directives given to them by the agricultural experts.

Massawe said that if the rain is average, they are likely to harvest 30 to 35 bags in a 2.5 hectares.

A Researcher from Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute (TARI) at Uyole Centre in Mbeya Region, Remmy Mwakimbwala, however, said that the technology is governed by the three principles, which include planting without covering the land, and covering the land using crop residues and lastly planting cro

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