Bank partners with 340 tourists for financial services

IN attempt to raise Tanzania’s economy particularly in tourism sector, NMB bank yesterday joined the government to receive 340 tourist visitors from China in Arusha, by providing them with different financial services.

The tourists jetted into the country over the weekend and received by Tanzania Prime Minister, Kassim Majaliwa, Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism Dr Hamis Kigwangalla, Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB) Chairman, Thomas Mihayo and NMB bank management, who sponsored their visit.

That was the second in the latest row hardly a month when a 1,000 tourists also jetted into the country from Israel in a single day, where they also got financial services from the bank.

Presenting special accolades to the Chinese government for trusting Tanzania with the visitors, the Premier said that the two countries have in-depth historical relations for a long time that will ever be kept. In a related development, Mr Majaliwa commended TASH-ROAD INTERNATIONAL GROUP Company from China based in Tanzania through its Chairperson, He Lei Hiu for playing a great role in also bringing in the tourists, besides their local marketing of Tanzania globally.

On her side, NMB bank Manager manning China Desk, Agness Mulolele, said her bank opened the department in order to assist the government to woo and bring more visitors from the country, which in a way also draws services to the public once the tourists land in the country.

Like you would see today, we are wearing uniforms and ours is to show how we prioritise services to be brought to the citizens so that they tap the opportunities and do business with the tourists.

This also takes into consideration environmental conservation that would further entice the visitors, besides financial transactions with us.

INFORMATION and Communication Technology (ICT) experts are scheduled ...

Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter

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