You can balance family and career, mothers told

MOTHERS across the country are encouraged to continue pursuing their careers and avoid taking a back seat while taking care of their families.

Head of the NMB Customer Experience, Ms Abella Tarimo, said this during a mother’s day forum on Friday that was set to celebrate mother’s day on Sunday, where she said that for people to achieve anything in life, they need to have clarity on what they want to achieve and how they will achieve and how to measure their success.

She said that most women think that caring for a family and establishing a career at the same time is an impossible task for a person to achieve.

Themed ‘Glass Ceiling and Motherhood’, Ms Tarimo stressed that no one can accomplish things alone, saying that working mothers should establish support systems no matter what they want to accomplish at home or work.

“Mothers need to be there for their children, especially those who are still breastfeeding. It is a challenge to careers, but this is where mothers need to use their resourcefulness to be able to balance home and work and this is where the support system comes in,” she said.

She explained that the support system can be members of the family, husbands, house maids or any person who will give a helping hand to a mother or any person who is focused on achieving a targeted goal.

“The truth is, most women reach a point where they think it is impossible and unbearable, but children take five years of close care and attention.

What is five years of this investment compared to the remaining years in creating a stable future for them and leaving an impact as a mother?” she queried.

She further advised single mothers to hold their heads high, because through having a clear goal and creating support systems, they can be able to establish a career they wish for and still be able to build a family they desire.

On her part, Senior Relationship Manager; Business Liability, Business Banking, Ms Beatrice Mwambije said that working mothers who are overwhelmed and think of quitting their careers to take care of their children need to evaluate the situation first before doing so.

She said that the helplessness of a new born may tempt mothers to stay at home and care for their children, but then they should think of what will happen when they are old enough to leave and establish their own families and advised mothers to do a self-evaluation before making such a decision.

“It depends on what principles you believe in. However, if you are a career person, it may be hard to leave a child at home and going to work, but there are ways you can strike a balance and achieve both successfully.

NBC Bank commended the efforts ...


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