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Minister denounces overpricing of water projects

WATER Minister Professor Makame Mbarawa has asked engineers in the country to observe ethics and professionalism to help the country to utilise disbursed funds for execution of various water projects.

According to the minister, some unethical engineers were overpricing the projects, contrary to the estimated cost, thus misusing public funds that would have been used in implementation of other projects.

Prof Mbarawa was speaking at Dodoma Urban Water and Sanitation Authority Headquarters, addressing 100 students from Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology (DIT) who were on a study tour of Tabora Region.

About 100 DIT students and their 10 lecturers were sponsored by L& T—a major technology, engineering, construction, manufacturing and financial services company to travel to Tabora Region to learn on what is going on the 604bn/ - mega water project as part of their practical training.

The students spent about two days in the region and on their way back, they made a stopover in the country’s capital of Dodoma to meet the water minister.

Addressing the students who are studying various fields in engineering, Prof Mbarawa, whose profession is Mechanical Engineering, advised the students to study hard to become the best engineers upon graduating.

“This world is very competitive, therefore you need to make proper planning and be aggressive enough to use the opportunity you currently have for your better future,’’ he urged, adding: “Y ou need to be aggressive and smart to succeed, otherwise you will be out of this field.’’

The minister asked the students to be ethical, giving examples of engineers who have been overpricing water projects, occasioning loss to the government.

“There is a chain of collusion amongst engineers, for example, a project that can be implemented at 2.7bn/- is implemented at 4.7bn/-, almost twice the cost,’’ fumed Prof Mbarawa.

DODOMA District CCM Political Committee members are satisfied ...

Author: DAILY NEWS Reporters in Dodoma

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