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KMKM seek better ground for CAF level duels

KMKM Head Coach Othman Kingi has unveiled his club’s plan to find a new training venue ahead of tough CAF Champions League assignments next season.

KMKM are the Zanzibar envoys in the continental level tournament, a ticket they garnered after grabbing the Isles league crown. He said the present training ground is in a pathetic form, totally unfit for training as it doesn’t meet standards.

“We train at ground that looks like a sand desert. Our ground has been overused and dilapidated,” explained Kingi.

He told reporters here yesterday that they are heading into big and highly competitive CAF Champions League, hence the team must train well its players before a kicking off.

Adding, he said their training venue is most often used for other public and state functions, a situation he said denies them a freedom to use at their will.

As a government institution, Kingi has requested the authorities to provided KMKM a better training ground. He proposed Amaan Stadium and Mao Dze Dong as good alternative.

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Author: MWAJUMA JUMA in Zanzibar

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